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Conținut addons:

  •  Weapon Selection
  •  Creating Custom Modes
  •  With Examples
  •  Weapons Restrict
  •  Spawns Editor
  •  Configuration
  •  General Settings
  •  Gameplay Settings
  •  Sounds Settings
  •  Custom Commands
  •  Players Gameplay Settings
  •  Spawn Protection
  •  Respawn Time
  •  Refill Ammo
  •  Refill Health
  •  Client Preferences
  •  Kill Sound
  •  Headshot Kill Sound
  •  Knife Kill Sound
  •  Hit Sound
  •  Only Headsnhot
  •  Hud Messages
  •  VIP Support
  •  Admin & Players Commands


  1. Download the latest verison - Click
  2. Unzip into your servers csgo/addons/counterstrikesharp/ dir
  3. Restart the server
  4. Configure the config files and custom modes


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